This warranty is personal to the owner of the product and is non-transferable.

The authority to implement the warranty rests solely with Splice Laminates Pvt. Ltd


The limitation of the warranty being given herein is the sole warranty for the following manufacturing defects, excluding all other warranties, whether express or implied:

Splice Laminates Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to take sample from the damaged portion of the products and thereafter send it for physical/chemical examination to any of the following places:

  • B.I.S. – Other government recognized laboratories.
  • Splice Laminates Pvt. Ltd. shall only admit a claim for replacement subject to the test certificate (from testing facilities as listed in Clause 11), confirming the manufacturing defect and the visual, chemical/physical examination confirming that the product is a genuine produce of Splice Laminates Pvt. Ltd.
  • Splice Laminates Pvt. Ltd. will solely decide whether the damage is covered under the warranty provided by the company. On satisfactory proof of the originality of the product with the “Spliceply” brand from the physical and/or chemical examination and on Spliceply acknowledging a defect of its product covered by warranty, Splice Laminates Pvt. Ltd. shall replace equal quantity of respective product which has been actually damaged within a reasonable period.
  • Not with standing what has been stated hereinabove, this warranty shall not be applicable to and shall exclude the following:

    The liability of Splice Laminates Pvt. Ltd. is strictly limited to the extent of replacement of the material actually damaged and no further monetary claim on the damaged product or portion can be claimed from Splice Laminates Pvt. Ltd.. In any case, Splice Laminates Pvt. Ltd. shall not be liable:

    The customer/end user expressly agrees that all claims, disputes or differences between the parties hereto arising out of relating to the terms herein shall be resolved by arbitration before a Sole Arbitrator which shall be mutually nominated by both the parties. The provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as amended from time to time, shall apply to the arbitration between the parties. The arbitration proceedings, including the Arbitral Award, shall be in English language. The award of the Arbitrator shall be final, conclusive and binding upon the parties. The venue and seat of arbitration shall be at Kolkata. The courts of Kolkata shall have exclusive jurisdiction over the matter barring all other courts.