Five Star11

High quality resorcinol Phenol Formaldehyde resin is used for the purpose of bonding of the Five star Ply, it is pressed under a proper temperature and high pressure. This Dual side calibrated product is treated in vacuum pressure impregnation plant with preservatives. Five star Ply can withstand the unfavorable climatic conditions, alternate drying and wetting.
Key features :- Borer / Termite Proof, Crack Resistant, Impact Resistant, Heat Resistant, Bend Free, Skilled Workmanship, Perfect Services, Made In India

Why Splice Five Star

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Splice Ply Five Star

Introducing the Five Star Plywood Panel by Splice: A Top-Notch Plywood That Stands Out

At Splice, we take pride in making high-quality plywood panels that are not only up to industry standards but exceptional in quality and performance.

Our Five Star Plywood Panel is a true masterpiece, built to shine in every way.

Carefully Crafted: We use a strong resin called resorcinol phenol formaldehyde to bind the veneers. Our precise engineering process presses the wood under the right heat and pressure, ensuring top quality.

Built to Last: Our plywood panels are treated in a special plant with preservatives to make them extra tough. This means they can handle harsh weather, even when it gets wet and dry quickly.


Key Features That Make Five Star Ply Stand Out:

  1. Bug resistant: Our plywood is made to resist borers and termites, so you won’t have to worry about pests causing damage.
  2. Crack resistant: These panels won’t easily crack or break, so they’ll stay looking good for a long time.
  3. Tough Against Impacts: They can take a hit without getting damaged, which means you won’t see dents or bruises.
  4. Heatproof: Whether it’s hot weather or high temperatures, our plywood can handle the heat without warping or bending.
  5. Stays Strong: Even if you need to bend it a little, our plywood won’t lose its strength.

Skilled Workmanship: Our craftsmen are experts at what they do. Each panel goes through strict quality checks to make sure it’s the best it can be.

Great Services: We’re here to make your experience smooth and easy. We’re committed to offering you the best service.

Made in India: We’re proud to say that our Five Star Plywood is made right here in India, supporting our nation’s growth and progress.

Choose the Five Star Plywood Panel from Splice for plywood that goes beyond the norm, setting a new standard for quality and performance. 

Experience the difference of top-notch craftsmanship and reliability with Splice’s Five Star Plywood.