A range that spells wonder; it stands apart and creates lasting impressions of inimitable style! It's a special endeavor to give your spaces that much desired awe and attention that's compelling and charming! Rigorous R&D and strict adherence to quality results in a range that is truly mesmerizing and unparalleled with a class of its own! Experience its versatility on I your own! Own it to experience it!

Why Splice Impresso

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Splice Impresso

Introducing Splice Impresso, a laminate collection in a class of itself.

At Splice, we understand your space is a representation of your personality. That’s why we offer a wide range of designs with this range.

Two of the stand-out finishes we offer are stone and marble; these elegant designs seamlessly bring your space into the spotlight.


Why Splice Impresso laminates?

Each laminate panel has been crafted with precise engineering of veneers, which allows them to deliver unrivalled durability.

Being able to take on impact is a commendable quality for a laminate. The Impresso laminate series is resistant to common impacts from every angle.

The versatility of these laminates makes them ideal for interior use, like cupboards and shelves.

Our laminates go through a special chemical coating that allows them to resist termites and borers, a much-needed quality for Indian households.

Moreover, the non-porous surface of these laminates creates a dense structure that makes it impossible for termites to penetrate.

If you have a child or a dog at home, the transfer of bacteria through surfaces becomes rapid. With Impresso laminate, the chances of spreading bacteria are reduced to zero. 

Our laminates come with an antibacterial surface, which helps reduce the spread of diseases in your house. 

Making products that stand the test of time requires putting in years of R&D. These laminates are a reflection of our enduring hard work and strict adherence to quality standards. 

From the moment one picks up the panel to its installation, our commitment to quality and durability stays the same. 

Each laminate has been fashioned to tune with your space and elevate its appearance. Choose your favourite design from our collection below.