Four Star11

High quality resorcinol Phenol Formaldehyde resin is used for the purpose of bonding of the Four star Ply, it is pressed under a proper temperature and high pressure. This Dual side calibrated product is treated in vacuum pressure impregnation plant with preservatives. Four star Ply can withstand the unfavorable climatic conditions, alternate drying and wetting.
Key features :- Borer / Termite Proof, Crack Resistant, Impact Resistant, Heat Resistant, Bend Free, Skilled Workmanship, Perfect Services, Made In India

Why Splice Four Star

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Splice Ply Four Star

Introducing Splice’s Four Star Plywood Panels – Top-Quality Doors for Your Home

At Splice, we are known for our precise engineering of plywood. Our Four Star Plywood Panels are a shining example of our dedication to quality. 

These doors are designed to make your home beautiful, last a long time, and be friendly to the environment. 

Key features that make our Four Star Plywood standout

1. Keeps Your Home Healthy: Our Four Star Plywood Panels have an antibacterial coating, which helps keep your home and family safe from the spread of diseases. 

2. Hardwood layering: These panels have an extra layer of 100% hardwood, making them even more robust. It not only makes these panels last for years but makes them look great.

3. Good for the Earth: We care about the environment. Our Four Star Plywood Panels are made from wood gathered in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

4. Lasts a Long Time: Our doors are built to last; the hardwood and expert engineering help our panels take a new leap in durability. You can count on them to stay in great shape for many years, even with everyday use.

5. Easy to Maintain: Cleaning and maintaining these doors is easy. To keep them looking nice and neat, you will not have to spend a great deal of time or effort.

6. Keeps Pests Away: Bugs like termites won’t bother your doors. These panels are made to resist pests, so your doors stay in good condition.

7. Quality You Can Trust: Our Four Star Plywood Panels are certified as Grade BWR, which means they can handle water without getting damaged. This makes them perfect for places with humidity, like kitchens and bathrooms.

In summary, Splice’s Four Star Plywood Panels are a smart choice for your home. 

They protect against bacteria, are extra strong with hardwood, are eco-friendly, long-lasting, easy to maintain, pest-resistant, and certified for water resistance. 

Choose Splice’s Four Star Plywood Panels for beautiful, high-quality doors that will last for years in your home.