As one of India's leading interior door manufacturer, Splice consistently present real design innovation, coupled with performance and superior construction that is certain to draw admiration. The continuous Research & Development has enabled Splice to attain high performance levels which are recognized and certified, according to the Indian standards. Splice always seeks integrated and innovative solutions capable of meeting the requirements of the various markets.

Why Splice Door World

100% phenolic
Silki Matt
Scratch resistance
Resistance to surface wear
Viro Resistance(Kill 99.99 % Virus free)
Resistance to cigarette burn
Fire Resistance
Stain Resistance
Versatile Laminate collection
Resistance to Cracking
Anti finger print
Certified Green Card Certification(IGBC)
Eco Friendly
Impact Resistance
Crack Resistance
Anti- Viral Anti-Bacterial
Anti- Microbial

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