Urban Reality11

Splice urban reality are works of art, made exclusively for you by our team of highly skilled designers and craftspeople. Our unique urban reality collections exhibit an extraordinary passion and craftmanship. Our in-house designers are inspired by the potential they see in combining exclusive materials with simplistic engineering precision.

Our designers push the boundaries of what is possible and through their unbridled innovation we continue to challenge established protocols, whilst respecting the craft of our gifted assembly technicians.

Why Splice Urban Reality

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Urban Reality Laminates

Are you aspiring to bring your space into the limelight? Our Urban Reality laminates will be your ideal choice.

Putting elegant artistry in the forefront, our skilled designers have crafted laminates that elevate your space the moment you install them.

With Urban Reality, our mission is to create laminates that come in mesh with modern home aesthetics while not cutting corners with quality.


Material Used

The precise engineering of veneers allows us to deliver a robust structure for this collection.

A solid wood filler is used for the bonding, with a triple core of hardwood over the top. The frame is made from hardwood to maintain rigidity.

Solid wood filler minimises gaps between the wood layer and enhances the structural strength of the panels.

Moreover, rigorous quality control measures help us eliminate imperfections and defects.



This collection offers a wide range of designs, from a minimalistic finish to a bold one, making your selection process a smooth sail.

The attention to detail is displayed throughout the design; a solid structure allows these panels to resist impacts with ease.

While crafting, our artisans have kept the realism of wood texture throughout the collection. In this way, we can deliver an authentic experience to our customers.

The versatility of this range of laminates allows it to be used in multiple places like cupboards and shelves, enhancing their appeal.


Key features