Splice urban reality are works of art, made exclusively for you by our team of highly skilled designers and craftspeople. Our unique urban reality collections exhibit an extraordinary passion and craftmanship. Our in-house designers are inspired by the potential they see in combining exclusive materials with simplistic engineering precision.

Our designers push the boundaries of what is possible and through their unbridled innovation we continue to challenge established protocols, whilst respecting the craft of our gifted assembly technicians.

Why Splice Urban Reality

100% phenolic
Silki Matt
Scratch resistance
Resistance to surface wear
Viro Resistance(Kill 99.99 % Virus free)
Resistance to cigarette burn
Fire Resistance
Stain Resistance
Versatile Laminate collection
Resistance to Cracking
Anti finger print
Certified Green Card Certification(IGBC)
Eco Friendly
Impact Resistance
Crack Resistance
Anti- Viral Anti-Bacterial
Anti- Microbial

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