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Vintage, Classic, Contemporary or modern! We aim to add beautiful aesthetics to your dream home. We all have an affnity towards the traditional or modern Solid wood jali door designs and we have developed an intricate range of Lattice doors to cater to your dreams and desires of adding these elements to your dream home.

Why Splice Solid Wood Jali Door

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Splice Wood Jali Doors

We’re excited to introduce our Solid Wood Jali Doors—timeless additions to your dream home, perfect for vintage, classic, or contemporary styles. These doors make your home spacious as they allow for ventilation. Whether it’s your balcony or veranda, you can enjoy the outside view without compromising your safety. The airy feeling one gets with these doors is incomparable. Moreover, if you get a high number of visitors, then our Jali Doors can help you verify the authenticity of the visitors before they enter your space. 

Why Choose Our Doors?

1. Built to Last: Our doors easily handle daily wear, keeping their beauty intact for the long run.

2. Easy Maintenance: Enjoy the richness of solid wood without the hassle. Our doors are designed for simple upkeep so you can focus on enjoying your living space.

3. No Worries About Humidity: Our doors resist moisture, ensuring durability and stability, even in humid conditions.

4. Scratch-Resistant: Accidental scratches won’t dull your door’s beauty. Our doors have scratch-resistant surfaces for lasting elegance.

5. Vibrant Colors: Experience consistent color vibrancy, even under artificial light, making our doors stand out in any setting.

6. Handles Temperature Change: Designed to withstand temperature changes, our doors maintain their integrity, perfect for spaces with varying climates.

7. Spill-Proof and Chemical Resistant: Our doors resist spills and common household chemicals, ensuring a long-lasting, pristine appearance.

8. Crack-resistant: Our doors are made to resist cracks, preserving their structure over time.

9. Tough Against Impact: Life’s surprises shouldn’t harm your doors. Ours are resilient to impacts, providing peace of mind and longevity.

10. Say Goodbye to Cigarette Burns: Enjoy quiet moments worry-free. These doors resist cigarette burns, maintaining a polished appearance.

Elevate Your Space with Splice:

Our expert artisans and intensive years of R&D in product design back the Solid Wood Jali doors. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of craftsmanship and lifestyle. Make your dream home find its ideal expression with simplicity.