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A range that spells wonder; it stands apart and creates lasting impressions of inimitable style! It's a special endeavor to give your spaces that much desired awe and attention that's compelling and charming! Rigorous R&D and strict adherence to quality results in a range that is truly mesmerizing and unparalleled with a class of its own! Experience its versatility on I your own! Own it to experience it!

Ply -Five Star(Calibrated)
Splice Ply   Ply -Five Star(Calibrated)

Plywood(BWR and MR Grade) from high quality logs are mechanically dried and they undergo stress relieving process, which are assembled in such a way to form a balanced construction. Glue line is poisoned by special formulations of chemicals to make Splice Plywood safe against borers. It is hot pressed under proper temperature and more than 16 Kg/cm2 specific pressure. Conditioning is done after pressing, followed by preservative treatment.

Splice Door   Laminated Door

Splice Laminates Doors are exceptionally hardwearing, meeting the requirements of heavy trafic and offering a high resistance to abrasion, impact and scratches. Splice laminates Doors are available in all the popular timber woodgrains but also provide the designer with a unique opportunity to introduce innovative finishes and textures that aren’t available naturally. As standard each door is manufactured from a high performance solid core that has been successfully tested to severe duty.

membrane door
Splice Door   Membrane Door

Splice brings together cutting edge technology and an unrivalled collection of stylish finishes All our unique doors are created by engineering real veneers into a consistent grain and consistent colour that allows for natural variation within the doors. Each one has its own individual personality, ensuring that they are never identical.

Splice Door   Flush Door

As one of India’s leading interior flush door manufacturer, Splice consistently present real design innovation, coupled with performance and superior construction that is certain to draw admiration. The continuous Research & Development has enabled Splice to attain high performance levels which are recognized and certified, according to the Indian standards. Splice always seeks integrated and innovative solutions capable of meeting the requirements of the various markets.

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