A range that spells wonder; it stands apart and creates lasting impressions of inimitable style! It's a special endeavor to give your spaces that much desired awe and attention that's compelling and charming! Rigorous R&D and strict adherence to quality results in a range that is truly mesmerizing and unparalleled with a class of its own! Experience its versatility on I your own! Own it to experience it!

Why Splice Impresso

100% phenolic
Silki Matt
Scratch resistance
Resistance to surface wear
Viro Resistance(Kill 99.99 % Virus free)
Resistance to cigarette burn
Fire Resistance
Stain Resistance
Versatile Laminate collection
Resistance to Cracking
Anti finger print
Certified Green Card Certification(IGBC)
Eco Friendly
Impact Resistance
Crack Resistance
Anti- Viral Anti-Bacterial
Anti- Microbial
Thickness - 0.8 mm

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