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Four star Membrane doors are a combination of the two types of doors. Splice Membrane doors are overlaid with a polyvinyl chloride membrane. The membrane ensures that the doors don't shrink, swell, crack or separate at the joints. If you're not sure about exactly what a membrane door is, check with Splice membrane doors. Moreover, its availability in multiple color shades, styles, designs and textures have enabled us to cater to any and every choice requirement of our clients
Key features :- Crack Resistant, Impact Resistant, Moisture Resistant, Colour Fastness Under Artificial Lights, Scratch Resistant, Heat Resistant, Resistant To Chemical And Household Products, Ease Of Maintenance, Abrasion Resistant, Resistant To Cigarette Burns

Why Splice Four Star

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Four Star

The Splice Four Star door collection lives up to its name with its appeal and robustness. 

Our door brings peace of mind to the customers as they use a unique chemical coating to make them resistant to shrinking, swelling, and cracking. 

Material Used

Are you concerned about a virus spreading in your home? With Splice Four Star, you can relax about the issue as the doors are resistant to bacteria and viruses. 

To make the cleaning hassle-free, we have made the doors easy to maintain. This means a single swipe can make them look new. 

The fine binding of the door wood is a result of our precision engineering. The veneers include a solid wood filler overlayed with a soft wood triple core. 

The outer frame is crafted from hardwood, which helps keep the inner veneer tightly packed. 

This collection is crafted for Indian homes; the solid wood fillers minimises any gaps between the layer of wood, and this helps prevent water clogging and swelling. 


Splice Four Star door ends your enduring search for the doors that enhance your space. 

Our collection comes in multiple designs and shades, each with a unique appeal.

Moreover, we make finding the right fit for your place a snappy task by offering customisable shades and designs. 

You can mix and match the colors or calibrate an artistic look on the door per your needs. 

Why Splice Four Star?