Five star Membrane doors are a combination of the two types of doors. Splice Membrane doors are overlaid with a polyvinyl chloride membrane. The membrane ensures that the doors don't shrink, swell, crack or separate at the joints. If you're not sure about exactly what a membrane door is, check with Splice membrane doors. Moreover, its availability in multiple color shades, styles, designs and textures have enabled us to cater to any and every choice requirement of our clients
Key features :- Crack Resistant, Impact Resistant, Moisture Resistant, Colour Fastness Under Artificial Lights, Scratch Resistant, Heat Resistant, Resistant To Chemical And Household Products, Ease Of Maintenance, Abrasion Resistant, Resistant To Cigarette Burns

Why Splice Five Star

Frame 100% Take Wood
Core Double Hardwood
Calibrated Finish
Fire Retardant
BIS Hallmark
ISI Hallmark

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