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Splice Moulded panel doors are available in hollow core and solid core construction. We carry a number of ranges suiting every style and need. Our series offers versatility and style and our traditional series offers a classic design touch. Splice Molded Panel Door is a interior / exterior door suitable to any room in your house. Either painted or stained, it is finished beautifully. All molded doors comes with the top quality water-based primer coat, which ensure the uniform final finishing and are environmental friendly. All styles of the door are available with standard core construction, lightweight, middleweight and heavy weight options.

Why Splice HDF Skin Door

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HDF Skin Door

At Splice, we make craftsmanship meets innovation to bring you the finest HDF Skin Doors that redefine durability and style. With our expertise in the industry, we take pride in presenting doors that not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but stand the test of time. Explore the features that make our HDF Skin Doors the epitome of quality and resilience.

1. Abrasion Resistant: Our HDF Skin Doors are engineered to withstand wear and tear, ensuring they maintain their sleek appearance in high-traffic areas.

2. Ease of Maintenance: Experience the convenience of doors that require minimal upkeep. Our HDF Skin Doors are designed for hassle-free maintenance, allowing you to enjoy their beauty without the stress of constant cleaning.

3. Moisture Resistant: Say goodbye to concerns about moisture damage. Our doors are crafted to resist moisture, making them ideal for areas prone to humidity.

4. Scratch Resistant: Enjoy a door that looks new for years to come. Our HDF Skin Doors boast scratch-resistant surfaces, protecting against marks and maintaining their flawless finish.

5. Color Fastness Under Artificial Light: Experience consistent and vibrant colors, even under artificial lighting. Our doors are crafted to maintain their color integrity, ensuring your space looks appealing.

6. Heat Resistant: Withstand the test of heat without compromising on style. Our HDF Skin Doors are heat-resistant, making them suitable for areas with varying temperatures.

7. Resistant to Chemicals and Household Products: Our doors are built to endure exposure to chemicals and common household products, ensuring that accidental spills and cleaning agents won't compromise their quality.

8. Crack Resistant: Experience doors that stay crack-free over time. Our HDF Skin doors are engineered to resist cracking, providing a reliable solution for your space.

9 . Impact Resistant: Protect your doors from unexpected impacts. Our doors are designed to absorb and resist impacts, ensuring their structural integrity and appearance remain unscathed.

10. Resistant to Cigarette Burns: Our HDF Skin Doors are resistant to cigarette burns, making them a safe and reliable choice for spaces where smoking may occur.

At Splice, we believe in delivering doors that exceed expectations in both form and function. Choose our HDF skin doors for a perfect blend of style, durability, and low-maintenance living.