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Avail high quality Engineered Doors that are designed by experts in a way that they reflect the natural textures of wood in different color/polish shades. Developed using best quality of raw materials, the engineered Doors are exhibit superior anti shrinking, anti swelling, as well as anti cracking and anti joint separation properties. Customized to suit the varied climatic extremities of Indian Climatic Conditions and the tastes and choices

Why Splice Engineer Door

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Splice Engineer Doors

Introducing our flagship product, the Splice Engineer Door – a testament to craftsmanship and functionality that transcends ordinary standards.

With decades of expertise, Splice is your trusted partner for creating doors that blend style and durability.

Unparalleled Quality

At Splice, we understand that a door is not just an entry point; it’s a way to express your style and protect your home.

The Splice Engineer Door is meticulously crafted with a fusion of aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, ensuring a door that captivates and stands the test of time.

Key Features:

  1. Abrasion Resistant: The Splice Engineer Door boasts superior abrasion resistance, ensuring daily wear and tear won’t leave a mark. Say goodbye to worries about scuffs and scratches, as our doors are built to withstand the demands of everyday life.
  2. Ease of Maintenance: The Splice Engineer Door requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to spend time with family, pursue hobbies, or focus on work.
  3. Moisture Resistant: Designed to combat moisture, our doors stand strong against the challenges of changing weather and humidity. These doors will retain their charm regardless of the climate.
  4. Scratch Resistant: The Splice Engineer Door’s scratch-resistant surface ensures that your door remains pristine, no matter what comes its way.
  5. Color Fastness Under Artificial Light: Illuminate your space with confidence. Our doors maintain their vibrant colors even under artificial light, ensuring that your chosen aesthetic is consistently showcased.
  6. Heat Resistant: From scorching summers to cozy winters, the Splice Engineer Door remains unfazed by extreme temperatures. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your door can handle the heat.
  7. Resistant to Chemicals and Household Products: Accidents happen, but with our doors, they won’t leave a lasting impression. The Splice Engineer Door resists chemicals and household products, protecting against common spills and mishaps.
  8. Crack Resistant: Built to last, our doors are engineered to resist cracking, ensuring the longevity of your investment.
  9. Impact Resistant: The Splice Engineer Door is designed to withstand impacts from everyday objects. 

Elevate your space with the unmatched quality and style of the Splice Engineer Door.