Splice Door

As one of India’s leading interior door manufacturer, Splice consistently present real design innovation, coupled with performance and uperior construction that is certain to draw admiration. The continuous Research & Development has enabled Splice to attain high performance levels which are recognized and certified, according to the Indian standards. Splice always seeks integrated and innovative solutions capable of meeting the requirements of the various markets.

splice-door   Flush Door

With innovation, performance, and durability at the forefront, our flush doors offer a unique experience. What makes these doors different? Our enduring research & develop...

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splice-door   Membrane Door

The Splice Membrane door collection brings unrivaled quality and eye-catching looks to the table. Our doors are crafted with precise engineering of veneer wood that allows for...

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splice-door   Laminated Door

Splice Laminate Doors are tough and durable, perfect for busy areas as they can handle scratches, impacts, and wear These doors come in a variety of popular woodgrain styles, ...

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splice-door   Designer Door

Welcome to Splice Designer Doors, where we’ve redefined how you enter a room. Our doors, created by experts, bring the natural beauty of wood to life in various colors and fi...

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splice-door   Fire Retardant Door

Splice Fire Retardant doors are designed to protect property and life in the event of a fire. For this, the door must serve as a fire and smoke barrier. Fire Doors must serve four...

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