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Have you ever thought about the importance of your front door? It’s more than just an entrance—it’s the welcoming smile of your home. It’s a reflection of your taste, the first impression visitors get, and it silently speaks volumes about the world that lies beyond it.

When it comes to choosing the right laminate door, several factors should not escape your attention:

  • Material: The type of wood used in the frame and core can dramatically influence the door’s strength and lifespan.
  • Finish: The finish not only contributes to the door’s aesthetic appeal but also affects how it feels to the touch.
  • Resistance: It’s crucial that your door can stand strong against harsh weather conditions.
  • Safety: Features like fire resistance could be lifesavers.
  • Quality Assurance: Certifications like the BIS and ISI Hallmarks are an affirmation that the door meets strict quality standards.

At SplicePly, we know that picking out a door is much more than just a routine decision. It’s about choosing an entryway that matches your style, meets your needs, and withstands the test of time.

Five StarFour StarRetouch Silver, and Retouch Bronze.

Each of these has its own distinct charm and set of features designed to meet different tastes and preferences. Let’s dive into the unique offerings of each door.

Five Star: Superior Quality Craftsmanship

Imagine a door that combines the finest quality with unparalleled beauty. That’s our Five Star laminate doors for you. Framed in 100% Teak Wood, a material globally recognised for its resilience and allure, these doors are a real showstopper. Inside, they conceal a double hardwood core, ensuring strength that’s simply hard to beat.

The Five Star doors shine with a calibrated finish. Smooth to the touch, enticing to the eyes, they have a surface that’s nothing short of perfection. They’re also Grade-BWP (Boiling Water Proof), meaning they can weather any storm. Add to that their fire-retardant properties and the prestigious BIS and ISI Hallmarks, and you have doors that are as safe as they are attractive.

Four Star: A Symphony of Strength and Elegance

Meet our Four Star laminate doors, a perfect blend of durability and elegance. These doors are framed in hardwood and carry a triple hardwood core, an attribute that sets them apart from the crowd. The strength of these doors is remarkable, making them a perfect match for those who value resilience.

Like our Five Star offerings, the Four Star doors are also Grade-BWP and carry the BIS and ISI Hallmarks. These doors are more than just good-looking—they’re a smart choice that ensures a worry-free investment.

Retouch Silver: A Masterpiece of Simplicity and Excellence

Presenting our Retouch Silver doors—the epitome of minimalistic elegance. With a frame of 100% pine wood and a filler of 100% hardwood, these doors are surprisingly lightweight. The single-core design is a testament to the beauty of simplicity.

The Retouch Silver doors come adorned with a smooth surface, an exceptional veneer that boosts the overall appeal of the door. Additionally, their Rasin-PF treatment ensures resistance to pests and decay. As with all our products, these doors are Grade-BWP and bear the BIS and ISI Hallmarks, ensuring top-notch performance.

Retouch Bronze: Embodying Tradition and Quality

Lastly, we have our Retouch Bronze doors. They’re the perfect pick for those who appreciate a traditional aesthetic.

Every feature of these doors reflects SplicePly’s commitment to high-quality craftsmanship. Their appeal may be classic, but rest assured, they’re made using cutting-edge techniques that ensure enhanced durability.

The Final Word

Your front door sets the stage for what’s inside. It can speak volumes about your home even before a visitor steps in. So whether you prefer the superior quality of the Five Star, the strength of the Four Star, the simplicity of the Retouch Silver, or the classic charm of the Retouch Bronze, SplicePly has the perfect door for you.

A SplicePly door isn’t just about making a home—it’s about creating an inviting space that resonates with your personal style and stands the test of time.

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