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Making claddings that stand the test of time means putting in enduring hours in manufacturing. Splice lives up to its name by doing the same.

To understand what these well-crafted objects do, we need to grasp what they are. Claddings are panels made from aluminium, wood, and other metals. These panels are added to the exterior and interior of the building.

Claddings add a layer of protection to the structure. The panels are designed to withstand UV rays, heavy rains, and high winds.

Splice exterior claddings possess the attributes of a quality panel and come with 25 years of warranty to ensure its longevity.

In addition, their cladding is resistant to termites and borers.

What makes Splice claddings different? The price range. In India, where prices of claddings burn a hole in one’s pocket, Splice stands out by offering fair prices

When it comes to offering designs for these panels, Splice is not behind. The company provides a range of captivating shades. Each has a unique texture, from a classic wood finish to a moody grey.

The CAGR for the cladding market in 2023–2028 is predicted to increase by 6% in the Asia-specific region. A ballooning number like this indicates a shift is on the verge.

Splice has laid down a plan to move with the winds that will help the company improvise on its cladding manufacturing technology and methods. Customer feedback and queries help in this process.

The rising calls and inquiries about Splice claddings suggest their product is gaining popularity.

Adding to the equation are the increasing number of properties constructed in India; this propels Splice to deliver the quality and trust their customer expects.

Seeing what a reputed company like Splice will do with their new product is going to be exciting.

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