Know about Splice Marine Grade Plywood

Know about Splice Marine Grade Plywood

Know about Splice Marine Grade Plywood

Marine plywood is also known as marine grade plywood is considered to be very good quality plywood from others. Marine plywood is a sound choice for Kitchen furniture. Such as subflooring, ship furniture, boats, deck, and bathroom. And basically, all the places that are exposed to moisture and humidity.

This plywood comes in different sizes, grades, weights. It has many merits over regular plywood. Its amazing resistance properties such as water resistance, rot resistance makes it different from other plywood’s. Basically, synthetic glue is used to attach all the layers. And wood is used according to its strength, density, impact, and finishing power.



Marine plywood is considered a sound choice for building outdoor furniture. Such as ship construction. Its water resistance quality makes it strong for building ships’ furniture. Water vehicles, benches for restaurants, and parks are various other places where marine plywood is used.

• Bathroom and kitchen walls

-We all are aware, that there are two areas in the house which are exposed to moisture a lot which are the bathroom and kitchen. In bathrooms, we have showers and toilets which can overflow at times. In the kitchen, we have sinks we can have leakages at times. So, for prevention, we use marine plywood which saves your walls and floors from deforming.


Marine Plywood Property

It is not waterproof. It is hardwood wood which is treated with waterproof glue to make it water-resistant. This waterproof glue ensures that if the plywood is exposed to moisture, high temperature, or any other water-prone activities, the plies will not divide and stay together.

It is lightweight and strong which provides the perfect finish to the furniture. Also, in the layers of marine plywood, there is a very small core gap that doesn’t allow water to sit inside and makes it long-lasting. Marine plywood is fungal resistant, which means no problem of rotting.
It is easy to work with as it has multi-layer panels. High durability with wet environment conditions is also one of the properties which makes it different from other plywood. The flexible nature of plywood is just icing on a cake. it is highly pliable and can be easily put into any shape you want to. Marine plywood can resist major pressures and do not suffer from regular amortization. It is scratch proof and impact resistance which makes it a great choice for building boats and ships furniture.

So, this was all you need to know about marine plywood. Here we have explained the essentials things one needs to know while buying or considering plywood. Let us know in the comment section below what are other things about plywood you would like to read about Splice Plywood.


Most Common Issues Plywood

Mold and Fungus happen mostly with lower grade plywood due to production processes that does not control moisture content of raw materials. Often these plywood’s priority is price, so raw materials are not controlled in order to achieve desired moisture content.

In order to avoid mold/fungus plywood, buyers should look for plywood from factories that have an incorporated drying process, preferably with roller dryer. Plywood coming out of this production process will be flat, and dry, avoiding all risks for mold and fungus.


Erratic Thickness

Thicknesses are the next catch of Splice plywood. Often thicknesses of cheaper plywood tend to have higher tolerances. To prevent erratic thickness, make sure you stress about your requirements before placing the order.



Delamination is the worst nightmare of plywood. Especially for plywood, delaminated panel is unusable and destroys reputation of the manufacturer.

You should order from a high reputation brand to – no to headache.


Boiling grade not sustained

For WBP plywood, plywood is made out of Melamine based resin or Phenol based resin. Commonly for Melamine based resin it is important to know how many hours plywood can be boiled in hot water without delamination because water proofing content from different glue varies.

Splice hassle-free Melamine based plywood and Phenol based plywood with listed boiling quality so you won’t have to worry.

Negotiating Global pandemic –Splice Plywood industry?


Current Situation of Splice Plywood Suppliers

As Covid cases surge in India, many Indian Plywood factories have to halt production. Together with much increasing material costs, pricing of plywood has been driven up, despite slow business in some major markets.

Raw materials include veneer and resin have risen sharply due to less supply. Some countries that supply raw materials for resin like Melamine and Phenol are experiencing delay and shortage due to Covid-19 lockdown.


Solutions for Splice Plywood Suppliers

In this time, Indian plywood supplier will really have to think about value-added services and features to their plywood in order to keep up with the price increase on a daily basis. Rather than producing one to two main items, Splice plywood factories now should offer a wide variety of products, ( All kinds of plywood, designer doors, flush door etc ) of course with stable quality so they can cater more to segments that are close to end-users.

Only with this method, Splice plywood suppliers can stay healthy and navigate these times of difficulty successfully.


Spice’s values

In India, Splice is one of the leading suppliers that offers quality services and large quantity of designer door, plywood and flush door. With deep understanding of end-user markets and wide networks of agents all around the country, Splice is confident and proud to provide top-notch product features and logistical expertise to our customers. 


Different Types of Wood Used In Home Decor & Construction

It is a widely preferred material used to design furniture and floors because of its features like resistance to higher temperatures, sound absorption and natural look. While it’s difficult to get an accurate estimate of how many trees there are in the world, you can find, broadly, three popular types of wood, which will be discussed in this blog. 



The strength and durability of hardwood make it excellent choice for use in construction.Natural wood has multiple uses. Today, one can easily find experienced craftsmen who have proper knowledge about wood from different trees.

There are mainly three types of wood and depending upon the characteristics of different trees:.

  • Hardwood
  • Engineered wood

The term hardwood do not refer to the physical strength of wood, rather this classification is based on the characteristics of trees. We shall now discuss the details of each type of wood, popular trees that fall into these categories and where they are used.



Hardwood trees are referred to as deciduous trees, which have broad leaves and produce fruit or nut. Another common indication of hardwood trees is that their leaves fall off in spring / winter. A few commonly known hardwood species are walnut, deodar, teak, oak, maple and cherry. This type of wood is famous for the following reasons:

Ability to resist high temperature, Ability to resist high pressure, It can withstand weather changes, Durable and long-lasting and Rot-resistant



Although there are just two types of woods that grow naturally, engineered wood is a product made by treating hardwood or softwood. Generally, known as composite wood or man-made wood, engineered wood is treated through chemical or heat processes to add a few extra features like size and shape which is difficult to grow naturally.


Features Of Engineered Wood

A few features of engineered wood are:

  • Designed to meet specific requirements
  • Variety in thickness and length
  • Working with engineered wood in terms of cutting, drilling and glueing is easier as compared to hardwood and softwood
  • Cost-effective as compared to both, hardwood and softwood

Plywood is the most common type of composite wood used in India. It is manufactured by laminating sheets of veneer and bonding them under high temperature and pressure. It is a versatile composite wood and has numerous applications including designing structural frames and internal paneling. 

The fact that it is made by multiple sheets of veneer, it is economical and has uniform strength throughout.